Celebrating a Quarter-Century of Excellence: Boston Butler’s 25-Year Partnership with Moors & Cabot Investments

Jan 3, 2024

Today marks a significant milestone as Boston Butler proudly commemorates a thriving 25-year relationship with Boston’s premier investment firm, Moors & Cabot Investments. Throughout the years, both organizations have achieved remarkable growth by delivering professional and effective client services.

Chris Carr, the visionary owner of Boston Butler, has forged strong connections with every level of Moors & Cabot’s Executive Chairman Mark Garrett’s team, turning dreams into reality. Together, they have fostered a culture rooted in high morale, low turnover, work-life balance, and employee recognition, earning Moors & Cabot the esteemed title of an “Employer of Choice.”

Boston Butler recently orchestrated the highly anticipated Chairman’s Trip, hosted on the sun-drenched shores of the Grand Cayman Islands in October. The top 30 producers, along with their spouses or significant others, were treated to an unparalleled, all-expenses-paid getaway, expertly managed by Boston Butler. From negotiating with vendors to coordinating air and ground transportation, securing resort accommodations, and arranging reservations at top restaurants, every detail was meticulously handled.

The trip featured a diverse range of activities, including indulgent spa experiences, thrilling rounds of golf, a luxurious charter boat excursion, mesmerizing snorkeling adventures, and insightful island tours. While a productive breakfast team meeting delved into the 2023 and 2024 business plans, significant others enjoyed leisurely moments at the beach, poolside relaxation, shopping, or indulging in spa treatments.

Post-trip employee surveys underscored the immense appreciation for Moors & Cabot’s recognition of their efforts, as well as the successful outcomes delivered by Boston Butler. The Chairman’s Trip served as a poignant gesture of appreciation, acknowledging the hard work and sacrifices made throughout the year.

Boston Butler values partnerships with companies that prioritize the daily contributions of their staff, implementing initiatives to reward and incentivize their most valuable asset. Moors & Cabot stands out as an exemplary organization in this regard, and Boston Butler extends heartfelt congratulations on their continued success.

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